does this sound like you?

You’ve tried every diet out there, but are never been satisfied with the results. You may even find that dieting now just leads to binges and feelings of failure. 

You’re always thinking about what you should eat, instead of what you want to eat. Because of this, you never feel satisfied and are always struggling with cravings. 

You find yourself turning to food in times of stress, sadness, or to cope with other emotions.

You’re sick of bouncing from diet to diet and are ready to become an intuitive eater and listen to and accept your body.

this may not be a good fit if:

You are looking for a diet or meal plan to follow

Your main goal is weight loss

You are actively dealing with and have been diagnosed with an eating disorder


Are you ready to find food freedom and start your journey towards becoming an intuitive eater today? 

Check out all of the different services and packages I offer below. 

nutrition counseling

We’ll hop on a 15 minute call where we can learn more about each other and find out if we’re a good fit. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about what we can work on together and what to expect from our appointments. 

If you don’t have time to for a call, feel free to send me an email to make sure we’re a good fit before booking your first appointment. 

Time: 60-90 minutes (by phone or video)
Price: $125

During your initial appointment we’ll dive deep into your health and diet history. We’ll talk about your eating habits, preferences, lifestyle, and goals. The purpose of this first session is to really get to know you and your goals. It will help us shape the rest of our appointments and time together so that we can focus on what is best for you.  

Time: 45 minutes (by phone or video)
Prince: $100

After your initial appointment we’ll meet weekly or biweekly to talk about goals and anything that comes up for you in the meantime. These sessions can range from 30 to 45 minutes depending on what we’re talking about and how often I see you. Feel free to purchase as many a la carte sessions as you’d like if you’re unsure about how long you’d like to work together, or save a little bit of money by purchasing a package. 


Time: 4 30-50 minute sessions to be used within 6 months (by phone or video)
Price: $375 (Must be purchased after our initial session)

This package allows us the certainty of having at least 4 weeks to work together towards your goals. In your initial session we’ll talk about what those goals look like and how we can dive deeper into them in our 4 follow-up sessions in order to help you reach them and become the intuitive eater you’re ready to be! Purchasing this package does not mean our work together has to end after 4 weeks. You can always purchase another package or a la carte sessions if you feel like we need more time together. 


Time: 8 30-50 minute sessions to be used within 1 year. (by phone or video)
Price: $750 (Must be purchased after our initial session)

This is a great option those who feel confident that they’re ready to dive into intuitive eating and their goals, but know that it will take some time. While everyone is different, it can definitely take time to break the habits that chronic dieting has taught us, and this package gives us that time together. The 8 follow-up sessions will allow us to dive deep into your goals and break down the barriers to lead you to food freedom so that you can become the intuitive eater you’re ready to be. 

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